Financial options assessment & modelling

We have multiple of years of defining and building financial models for business cases, plans, and strategic options assessment. Our work has included financial modelling, decision support model development, balancing investment, and commercial viability assessments for innovations and product pipelines.

We are well placed to support clients in the following areas :

what to

Understanding, articulating and representing business model and commercial model logic
Mapping value drivers
Simplicity v Complexity – building models at the right level of detail

Building fit for purpose models

Model design
Model build
Model assurance

Shaping meaningful future options

Understanding and defining how markets or contexts evolve and defining alternative futures and scenarios
Defining strategic options and alternative courses of action


Value driver modelling
Cost Modelling
Should-cost models & Value for Money benchmarking
Designing specific decision support models to help make choices and understand trade offs
Designing scoring and prioritisation decision models
Building risk and uncertainty analyses:

  • What-if analysis
  • Scenario development
  • Monte Carlo simulation, and
  • Optimization


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