SDSR 2015 Outcomes validate planning assumptions, scenarios prepared for key client

Earlier this year we were engaged by a leading Global company with significant presence in the UK Defence and wider government markets was concerned with the likely outcomes of the SDSR 2015. They had many ongoing programmes, and feared that 2015 might produce a similar result to SDSR 2010. They wished to have an evidence-based view of the likely outcomes in order to consider action plans before during and after SDSR.

We designed and built a tailored decision tool which mimicked how the MoD Commands (and HO) would ‘trade’ based on key decision drivers and potential alternative scenarios of how SDSR 2015 would unfold.   Our Leveraging our extended team each with deep understanding of various MoD domains, we developed a holistic set of ‘tradable’ items, from across the commands, and across budget lines (Capital, resource and Infrastructure). Each item was weighted against each decision criterion, to give each item an overall ‘risk’ score which changed dynamically as the prevailing SDSR scenario changed.

Much of our analysis and decision insights have been validated by SDSR 2015 outcomes, including areas of increased investment and de-investment driven by the shifting nature of threat.

Our client was able to target specific programmes at risk, and specific areas of opportunity anticipated to arise out of SDSR 2015.

If you would like to understand how this unique trade craft can be applied to your strategic and planning challenges please get in touch with as at


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