Client Results

We have had a substantial positive impact on the commercial success of our clients across key world geographies, from our UK base.

Some examples of the client results to which we have contributed:


  • A shift in strategic world view of a multibillion dollar US corporation, resulting in a change in strategy and operating model in the UK & Europe, and key strategic acquisitions;
  • A UK enterprise-wide corporate strategy developed for a multi-line global corporation around a focused commercial and delivery strategy targeting high value long term growth opportunities, in the process of being successfully delivered;
  • An innovative business portfolio analysis and investment decision approach rolled out across a multi-billion global consumer goods business to optimise and rationalise the brand and product portfolio, market by market, across Europe, Africa / Middle East, and Asia;
  • Substantially increased the fidelity of a corporate client’s commercial viability analysis for its new product innovation funnel, using advanced risk simulation techniques to quantify commercial risk;
  • A shift in the focus of the strategy for a global design and engineering defence organisation to include a through life support model, including the development of the commercial strategy for the ‘ramp up and acquisition’ of key capabilities delivering shareholder value;
  • Development of the transformation strategy for a major electronics and engineering organisation to focus on longer term revenues delivering significant customer focused improvement;
  • A shift in the launch strategy for new tiered broadband services for a telecommunications operator resulting in signicant shareholder value creation.


  • In the last six years we have supported multiple high value / must-win business wins with a combined contract value of £10 Billion (c$16 Billion);
  • Since our inception we have supported many more major bids/ initiatives bids with a 100% success rate in achieving preferred bidder status;
  • These wins span Defence, Security, Services (including ICT) to Central Government and Healthcare services transformation.


  • Comprehensive contracts database built from multiple sources and aligned to customer’s segmentation enabling targetting of the most high value opportunities;
  • Comprehensive global database of targeted service areas spend by country and customer;
  • Scoping, Segmentation, and Comprehensive market size and growth database for Global Postal and Logistics markets;
  • Cost estimation and assurance models, ROM pricing tools for repeat usage;
  • Strategic Options assessment tools and @risk modelling;
  • Comprehensive M&A and Strategic Partner Candidate profile databases and evaluation methods.

SUSTAINABLE PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENT & CHANGE – SC Skills Ltd embedded in Leadership positions

  • Initialisation and set up of the major growth area for a multinational organisation in the support of critical mobile asset support in the air and land domain resulting in a diversification for this predominantly engineering design business;
  • Design and initialisation of a mobile commerce service including the technology and financial support required for the building of an ‘m-wallet’ which could be used cross device;
  • Turnaround of a failing major Government ICT contract resulting in a change from subcontractor to prime position for our client;
  • Significant profit improvement for an automotive parts manufacturer in a situation of continuously losing money on a monthly basis – turnaround;
  • Design of the commercial interface between divisions within a large government organisation supported by the day-today coaching of key customers in areas of commercial and performance improvement tools;
  • Leading and coaching key individuals in business winning in IT services to Government, in specialist areas in Defence and Security.

SC Skills Ltd can be leaders to accelerate change and ensure that key decisions and risks are evaluated at each stage of a transformation – keeping the end customer’s goals in mind.