Evidence-led transformation in healthcare services

We have recently been involved in helping to design transformational change in how healthcare services are provided to the elderly in the UK.   Population growth and increasing acuity of elderly patients is driving up costs of care at an unsustainable rate.

For a healthcare services client we stood up a health analytics practice with the aim of enabling evidence-based transformation. Working on a number of fronts (building analytics and management information, infrastructure, linking disparate data sources, developing new metrics and KPIs, designing dashboards, analytics insights) we worked with the leadership team to ensure that they had critical information delivered to them in a timely manner – providing early warning of cost and activity pressures system-wide. Additionally we worked with transformation project leads to ensure that the logic of their interventions was clearly linked to outcomes

As a result of this engagement we have developed an approach to outcomes-based commissioning based on:

  • Understanding the key systemic drivers of health costs and healthcare activity across an entire health system (Acute, Community, Primary  and Social care) so as to provide better forecasts of demand and system pressure.
  • Understanding the logic of transformational interventions designed to change behaviours, drive changes in activity levels, quality of care, and system-wide costs.

Our approach is ideally suited to commissioners of care across the UK.   If you would like to find out more about how our approach can help you deliver outcomes-based commissioning please get in touch at requirements@sc-skills.com




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