Brexit: exciting challenges and opportunities for business

  • Will the UK maintain access to the single market on preferential terms?
    Or will its position as a gateway to the single market for foreign companies be diminished?
  • How will Foreign Direct Investment into the UK be affected?  Will Asian car makers continue to invest in the UK or will they shift investments to a Central & Eastern European base? Is this the final blow to the UK manufacturing base?
  • Will global banks shift trading to Frankfurt, and middle and back office functions to Dublin?
  • Will Ireland replace the UK as the main gateway into Europe for US firms?
  • With reduced influence in Europe will the UK need to find other ways to remain an attractive destination for investment? Will it need to become a low-tax jurisdiction like Ireland or Singapore?
  • In which case what happens to public services in the UK?  Will public spending need to be dramatically reduced? Will civil servants suffer further job losses?  Is a public NHS sustainable or will healthcare have to be privately financed as it is in Switzerland?
  • Will the United Kingdom survive? Will the EU survive?

So many questions, so many new considerations and renewed uncertainty for strategic decisions.  And yet many opportunities for businesses to shape strategy in the emerging environment.   Lets have a conversation!

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