How it Works

SC Skills delivers the right people for the results you want, Step by Step:

First we scope your requirement – the nature of the challenge, what you need delivered, by when, the skills, capability, personality attributes required to achieve this.

Then we hold confidential rigorous interviews – using proven strategy consulting interview techniques we assess each experienced candidate from our databank for the role(s) and results required.

Our criteria include attributes such as leadership, problem solving, financial acumen and modeling expertise, specific industry experience, commercial understanding;

Our techniques include case interviews used by leading strategy consulting firms to assess a candidate’s capability to work on any issue in any organization and their ability to structure a problem with hypotheses, investigate key areas and data and find a solution or way forward.

Our chosen few – we short-list only the candidates we believe have the skills and ability to deliver the work, in a team environment, or as a leader, in the time required.

You decide – who you want and for how long from our short-list.
We jointly agree the scope of work, the individuals and the commercials and sign a mutual offer letter.

Continuous progress review – we have regular reviews with you or your chosen team nominee by phone or in person to check progress

SC Skills delivers the right people for the results you want.